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The Pin Store

Welcome to the myPins.com Pin Store. We have a variety of Olympic, Hard Rock cafe and topical pins for sale or trade. Choose from the current categories below, or use the search function for a specific type of pin.

Store Policies

For a review of our store policies, including payment options, shipping and returns, please visit our Policy Page.

How To Propose A Trade

If you would like to propose a trade for Olympic pins we are looking for, please email us with a detailed description of the pins you have and the ones you would like to trade for. We will reply to your proposal as soon as possible.

Search The Store

Type in a brief desciption of the pin you are looking for. Be specific in the terms you use for a better chance at finding a match. For example, Olympic pin searches might include the terms Atlanta, Izzy, bid or NOC, and Hard Rock Cafe pin searches may include the terms guitar, staff, London or opening.

Current Pin Store Categories

xsion1.jpg Bid Pins and Buttons: Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Sydney & Other Olympic Games
xchinaflag.jpg Beijing 2008 Olympics
xbidhat.jpg Salt Lake City Olympics: NOC, Sponsor, Mascot, Commemorative Pins
xsydneybid.jpg Sydney Olympics: Media, Sponsor, Countdown, Commemorative Pins
xnaghancock.jpg Nagano Olympics: Media, Sponsor, Security, NOC, Countdown Pins
xSCARF.jpg Atlanta Olympics: Media, NOC, Mascot, Commemorative Pins
xattizzycl.jpg Atlanta Olympics: Sponsor Pins
xlilflagmascots.jpg Pre-Atlanta Olympics: Lillehammer & Albertville
xcancun.jpg Hard Rock Cafe: Cities A-F
xlondontaxi.jpg Hard Rock Cafe: Cities G-L
xmiamilogo.jpg Hard Rock Cafe: Cities M-R
xskydomewitch.jpg Hard Rock Cafe: Cities S-Z
xdish.jpg Hard Rock Cafe: Staff, Opening and Anniversary Pins
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