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Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Hard Rock Cafe pin traders look for guitar, waitress, holiday, grand opening, anniversary and hard-to-find staff pins. The following websites will put you in touch with the world's most popular collectors and retailers of HRC pins.

Hard Rock Cafe's Official Home Page

A Lapel Pin Trader's Small World

American Pin Collection

Andreas "Pindoc" Bortolotti

Andy and Rainer Homepage

Anna's Hard Rock Page

Arlo's Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Aussie Pin Shop

The Aussie Shop

Bart & Katrien's Hard Rock Cafe Page

Becky's Home Page

Bill and Mark's Excellent Adventure

Brett's Hard Rock Pins



Circle of Friends - Belgium, The Netherlands

Dave's Hard Rock Cafe Pin Collector

David Cunningham's Collectibles Forum

David's Sacramento Hard Rock Cafe Page

Deb's Cowtown Hard Rock Cafe Pin Trader Page

Devilsg's Pin

DivingGurl's HRC Traders

Don Z's Hard Rock Cafe Pins



828 - Mickey's Collection

Eric's Pin Hšlle

Fede Collectibles

Floyd's Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood Page

Frank De Ridder's Hard Rock Cafe Page

Furubon Pins Galleria

Gayle Baker's Hard Rock Cafe Pins To Trade

Glam Rock Cafe

Grant's Hard Rock Page


Guitar Pins Cafe

H & E Collectors

Halloween Cafe

Hank's Hawaiian Hard Rock Pin Page


Hard Rock Cafe and Me

Hard Rock Cafe Pin Collector from Berlin

Hard Rock Cafe Pin Collector's Society

Hard Rock Cafe Pin Store

Hard Rock Cafe Pins For Sale

The Hard Rock Party

The Hard Rock Pin Gallery

Hard Rock Pin World



Heike's Pin Pages

Hiromi's Pins Gallery


HR Pins

HRC Berlin Pin Collecting Page

HRCC New Zealand Collector


Hui's Home Page

In Rock

International Pin Club Norway

Jack's Hard Rock Cafe Pin Collection

Jan's Hard Rock Cafe Page

JB's HRC Pins

JBs HRC World

JC's Hard Rock Cafe Pin Page

Jochen's Hard Rock Cafe Page

John & Michael's Hard Rock Cafe Page

Julie's Hard Rock Cafe Shot and Pin Page

Karen & Steve's Boston Hard Rock Cafe Pin Pages

Karen's Hard Rock Cafe Homepage

Karl-David Andersson

Kasuga's Pin Collection

Kenny's Home Page

Kimono Rock Cafe

Krimskram's Pinversand

Linda's Hard Rock Cafe Underground

Liz's Hard Rock Cafe Pins

The Logoholic

Louise's Pinsite

MadJack's Pins For Trade

Malle's Hard Rock Page

Mallory's Hard Rock Cafe Pins Collection

Marie-Luise's Hard Rock Cafe Page

Mark's Pin Trading

Martin's Hard Rock Cafe Pins - UK Website

MaryleeUSA's Hard Rock Cafe

Matt Dinger's Page

Max's & Andy's Page

Michael's Pin Page

Mike's Hard Rock Pin Trading Post

Mike's Hard Rock World

My Collections' Gallery

Natale's Homepage

Nat's Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Patrick's World of Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Paul's Guitar Pins

Paul's Pin Collection

Pin Box

The Pin Marketplace

Pin Trader Hawaii

Pincollectors International Network




Pinmania Is 4 All




Pins by Pinz

Pins House

Pins Paradise

Pins R Us


Pinseurope.com - Marco Maiani Pins Collection






Quinlivan Collectables - Pin Collecting

Rainbowflag's Page

Rene's Hard Rock Cafe Pin and Shotglass Collection

Rich's Home Page

Rick's Hard Rock Cafe Pins, Etc.

Rita's Collection of Hard Rock Cafe Pins

ROCK Your PIN World


Scott's Hard Rock Cafe Page

Sherri's & Jason's Hard Rock Site

Shunji Cafe - Paris Pin Collector

Stella's Hard Rock Cafe Pins Collection

Steven E. Thesing Hard Rock Cafe Collectable's

Storm's Hard Rock Cafe Trader Page


Tex's Pin Page

Thomas HRC Pin Page

Tim's & Elke's Home of the Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Tim's Texan Connection

Tom's hard Rock Cafe Page

Ulli's Hard Rock Cafe Pin Pages

Willie's Hard Rock Pages

Wunder's HRC Traders

Zilles Hard Rock Cafe Pins Berlin

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