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Pin Collecting Newsgroups

A newsgroups is an electronic bulletin board consisting of messages devoted to a specific topic. Currently, there are over 15,000 newsgroups covering just about every topic imaginable. Many of them cover professional subjects and societies and a rich sources of business information; others are junk and contain little but mindless drivel! Messages are accessed by visiting the bulletin board directly. Originally, all newsgroups were distributed by an organization called USENET, but today, most can be accessed through Google Groups.

General Pin Collecting Newsgroups

The world's first newsgroup dedicated to lapel pin collecting is rec.collecting.pins. Postings for Olympic, Hard Rock Cafe, Disney, sports, hot air balloon and all other topical pins may be found at this newsgroup.

Another newsgroup that contains Olympic lapel pin postings is rec.sport.olympics..

Disney Pin Collecting Newsgroups

The newsgroup alt.disney.collecting has been known to include postings for Disney pins.

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